Shine Precision are market leaders in machining flameproof equipment and control systems. With over 30 years of working with mining related products, Shine Precision is perfectly placed to support your every need. With vast machining capabilities and technical experience, our highly trained and committed team will produce components to the highest possible standards.

Our competent internal sales division ensures customer requirements are understood and translated to the final product. We also boast a staff component of expert design draughtsmen, highly qualified production management, a well-organized production planner and supervisors supported by Filemaker our bespoke ERP/MES Software for every section of our operation. Our welding, spray-painting and assembly staff are highly skilled and undergo constant improvement of their skills through in-service training.
Our operations are backed by a competent administration section, ensuring the professional handling of our accounts and quality management systems.

For over 15 years Shine Precision has worked closely with industries supporting geotechnical and analysis equipment and power systems manufacturers, such as Ampcontrol and Pempek.