Quality Assurance Management

Quality Assurance at Shine Precision Industries

Shine is proudly ISO 9001:2015 accredited and is currently undergoing AS9000 accreditation.

We combine the latest CNC technology with our Engineering services as well as strict quality control processes to ensure products are produced to exacting standards, in a timely manner.

Quality assurance is a “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.” With QA, Shine Precision can ensure that you receive a defect-free product by preventing mistakes at the time of manufacturing. Shine constantly strives to improve compliance to standards by monitoring processes and use feedback to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

QA at Shine is ensured using the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, and Act) cycle, a four-step methodology that helps control and improve the quality of our products and services. It is an effective process to ensure that we maintain high standards of quality for your products. The PDCA framework is employed when:

  • Starting a new quality improvement project
  • Developing improvements for a process, product, or service
  • Planning collection and analysis of data to rectify problems or root causes
  • Defining repetitive work process
  • Implementing any quality change in the organization

The PDCA cycle can is implemented as follows –

  • Recognize a quality improvement opportunity and plan a change
  • Do a test run with the change by carrying out a small-scale study
  • Review the test and check the results
  • Act on the new information by taking necessary action

Using PDCA has become a fundamental principle of Shine’s quality management as it ensures consistency across all our projects. Through continuous feedback to analyze, measure, and identify areas of improvement, Shine is able to take corrective action to meet customer requirements.

Do it Once, Do it Right

Improved Products

  • Innovate with an adaptable quality platform
  • Drive continuous improvement and business growth
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences to build customer loyalty
  • Leverage your data for a factual approach to decision making
  • Gain greater efficiency by getting things right the first time


  • Reduce variability of materials, waste, and rework to cut time and costs
  • Keep quality processes repeatable to increase knowledgeable staff and reduce human error
  • Prevent delays by minimizing disruptions to stay on time and under budget.
  • Improve process control to reduce quality gaps
  • Reduce lead time and increase production yield

Effective Compliance

  • Ensure quality standards are being met
  • Experience total traceability
  • Turn insights into action
  • Provide historical audit trails to speed compliance
  • Become adaptable to changing or emerging market conditions and to environmental and other government regulations.

Risk Reduction

  • Provide visibility to our quality processes, product record, requirements, issues, and related processes
  • Enable our team to easily confirm designs, adjust plans, and resolve issues fast
  • Quickly find the root cause and speed up resolution
  • Reduce the risk of probable quality failure through predictive analysis of data