Cad/Cam Manufacture and 3D modelling

Computer Aided Design/Manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology is shaping the future of precision engineering.
At Shine Precision, our experienced team of professionals use various tools such as SolidWorks and Mastercam to create precise and accurate 3D models and part programming using the latest methods in cutting techniques, verifying optimum tool paths, before moving to production. Programs are stored within our MRP system and downloaded to the appropriate CNC machine for verification and first article inspection. Intricate parts and impossible features are easily identified and any potential problem areas can be addressed. These features can sometimes be hard to recognize just using drawings alone.
Our sophisticated CAD/CAM capabilities, including SolidWorks/ Solid Cam , and 4 Mastercam licenses means numerous projects can be run simultaneously. Combine these technologies with in-house production expertise, we can produce highly accurate, complex parts that match our customers exacting requirements. Our 3D capabilities allow us to create, modify, analyze and optimize all supplied and in-house designs, with uncompromising attention to the finest detail.
Our highly refined methods ensure costs and cycle times are kept to the absolute minimum, our state of the art manufacturing and inspection techniques, provide a precise and compliant service to our customers.

3D modelling is an integral part in the design of fixturing and vacuum platforms for reliable work holding, guaranteeing the best possible outcomes. Ensuring workpieces are held securely with minimal external forces is critical to avoid un-necessary stresses in the workpiece, causing distortion and ultimately non compliant parts.
The data developed during the design phase is vital, as not only does it define the product, but it also facilitates all the subsequent manufacturing.
We work with you, building on your existing knowledge, to create a product that meets your expectations and that we are confident can be manufactured in the specified volumes.
Ideally contacting us in the early stages of the design will ensure we maximize the required design, is appropriately processed.