Shine Precision Anodising

Anodising is a huge part of our scope of work and was a logistical nightmare not only for delivery schedules, but quality and the sheer effort of transport.

Having a Surface Treatment Plant in house has greatly reduced lead time, material handling, damages in transit and cost.
This service is extremely beneficial in Shine’s ability to turn parts around in a matter of days if required.
As a large scope of work calls for post machining this agility is also really beneficial for meeting our production schedules.

Anodising at this stage is to Mil Spec 8625F type 2 and 3, and colour Deep Black MLW or natural/clear.
Chemical Conversion is per MIL-DTL-5541Class 3 Type ll
We run 3 lines in the anodising section so anodising type 2 ad 3 and Chemical Conversion can all be run at the same time.
Shine offers Glass Bead Blasting as Per AS1231

Tank capacities in the anodising both lines x x
Tank capacities in the Chemical Conversion line x x
Bead Blasting x