CNC Engraving

What is CNC Engraving?

Shine has three Laser Engraving machines to suit a variety of applications.

C02 Laser Engraving Machines will cut materials such as Acrylic, Acetal, Wood ,Rubber, Leather etc.
Part marking, serialised numbers are generally easier to perform on Laser Engraving Machines and normally the jigging and holding is generally simpler than CNC Engraving.
Also painted, anodised, Chem Converted surfaces etc are simpler to set up with often much better aesthetic results.
Due to the nature and complexity of the parts we make, the risk of damaged or defective parts from getting this outsourced was too high, not to mention the logistics of transportation thereof.
Some of our engraving is very critical and has to be perfectly aligned, so precision jigs are made to optimise time and quality.


CNC Laser Engraving Machines

Lightning Laser Cutter 130 Watt cutting size x and 20 mm thick Acrylic
Epilog Laser Cutter 75 Watt 800 x 500 Acrylic. This machine has a rotary table for marking cylindrical surfaces.
Impact Fibre laser 300 x 300 area. This only marks material and does not cut.the advantage is it will mark onto many bare metal surfaces and is noticeably quicker and neater.